Remote Heart Rate Sensing Technology

SafeLuna’s real-time sensing technology remotely monitors the baby’s heart rate, blood perfusion and other vital signs.


SafeLuna has developed real-time sensing technology that remotely monitors an infant’s heart rate, movements, and blood perfusion while sleeping.

SafeLuna’s technology monitors the heart rate of a sleeping baby from up to one meter away without any direct contact with the skin.

Our disruptive technology can be integrated to camera devices by license agreement, giving it the ability to collect data and to send an alert to the parent mobile device if the heart rate is abnormal. This alert will provides critical time for intervention thus saving lives and giving the parents peace of mind. Our solution is safe and meets the worldwide standards of safety.


SafeLuna is in advanced stages of laboratory testing where an accurate signal is received in less than 3 seconds, in all lighting conditions and is a completely safe. All components used in our solution are commercial components.

all lighting conditions
All Lighting Conditions
invisible light
Invisible Light
fast 3 sec

3 sec

real time
Real Time
Easy to Integrate
Easy to Integrate
Easy to Install
Sleeping & Heart-Rate Monitoring

The need for a new solution

The best baby monitor is one that is safe and reliable. Parents often need to choose between a video monitor and a sensor device neither of which is reliable.

As baby monitoring technology advances, new options such as wearable sensors or under-mattress sensors are made available, though again, they are not accurate or fully reliable.

No product on the market today provides a genuine solution: remote, accurate and safe. The video monitor companies are looking for technology to compete at a higher level with the changing market.


CEO and founder, Dov Fine,
holds MBA in Entrepreneurship & Strategy and  a degree in B.Sc. of Industrial Engineering and Management. Has experience in project and operations management with a demonstrated history in various industries including the computer software industry.

CSO and founder, Dr. Ilya Fine, has 25 years experience in the field of non-invasive technology and has over 40 registered patents, including many products in the field of monitoring medical parameters without invasive testing, such as blood clotting, blood oxygenation, and blood flow imaging in the body.

dov fine

Dov Fine

CEO and Co-Founder
ilya fine

Dr. Ilya Fine

CSO and Co-Founder


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